Case study

Media portal

About client:

The client located in Spain. They offer to create and publish media content over the internet. They are processing high volume media data every day.


Client’s goal was to build an admin panel that would allow his employees to upload a large number of high volume images at once, and separate them into the folder structure. Also, it would give him the possibility to auto-generate tags and titles based on the picture content. The client wanted to get a secure public API. The website had to contain the fast and elegant search tool.

Treezium solution:

Admin panel
We have decided to use bootstrap for this project, because it matched client’s needs. We took a Symfony framework and Sonata Admin bundle to implement all needed features for admin panel rapidly.
Image uploading
After some research we decided to use Saas project - Filestack for image uploading, it’s cost was affordable, and implementation was painless. Filestack allowed to upload up to 1000 images at once separately.
Image tagging and auto-generated titles
This feature demanded from us knowledge in machine learning and image processing. Implementing our own image recognition system is time-consuming and expensive. So after discussion with a client, we decided to search solution outside. And we have found next services: Imagga for tags and Cloudsight API for titles. It’s machine learning platforms which allowed us to build high-speed image processing web service.
API platform
API built with Symfony API Bundles in which we are experts. We have implemented API and wrote the documentation.
Fast and efficient search
We have used Algolia search API to implement full-text search through the website. Algoliai> is known as a most reliable platform for building search in the cloud.

We achieved great results together :

Treezium team created an elegant, fast, easy to use images uploading platform with API, search and machine learning solutions to automate his routine work. The image processing performance was highly augmented.
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Industry: Multimedia

Team size: 5 members

Cooperation: 2017 - 2018

Technologies: PHP7.1 / Angular / Symfony3.4 / AWS / Algolia Search / LESS / Webpack