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Improve website performance and Image SEO.

Minimize images

Reduce the size of images by compressing them. Improve the performance of your online store.

Optimize Image SEO

Alt attributes and image names that include proper keywords to the images on your website can help you rank better in the search engines

automate repeating tasks

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Improve images accessibility

Create better names for your image alt tags.  To describe images to visitors who are unable to see them.

Our clients say

Having a great experience with the image SEO optimization app. Besides this, I can also see improvement in the speed of my store.
Salon Store
Store owner
One of the Best SEO App I would say. My store speed was slow because of the images. This tool helped me in the image compression and alt tags SEO too.
Los Angeles Trading Districts
Store owner
I used this app for the Search engine optimization for the images in my store. This app helped me with the alt tags SEO
Friends of Tea
Store owner
I optimized all the images of my products. Size decreased without loss of quality. And it's free, thanks.
Alex Kinter


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$ 4.99

Per month

$ 9.99

Per month

$ 19.99

Per month

Frequently asked questions

If you try to optimize an already optimized image, nothing will happen. If you change compression from Lossless to Lossy, we will optimize this image once again.

Images will remain optimized.

Nothing to worry about.

Compression is pretty fast, but Shopify has a limit on sending requests per minute, so we cannot update all the images as fast as we want.

Update to PRO plan. You will have an unlimited number of actions.

We created a step by step guide on how to use the app, take a look.

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